Taboo Secrets of Total Health

April 29th 6 pm – 7 pm PST
Includes interactive Q&A

Do you want to lose weight without feeling deprived?
Does some part of you believe that there must be a sweet spot, an optimal zone of feeling deeply satisfied, energized and healthy?
Are you seeking tools to combine nutrition, exercise and mind-body balance so as to live the life you aspire toward and deserve?
Do you intuitively sense the possibility of a spirituality rooted in embracing your body wisdom and emotional intelligence?

Then join provocateurs Erika Herman and Julian Walker for this info-rich 60-minute interview (with live Q&A) that empowers you to apply taboo secrets of nutrition.

Discover keys to:

* sustainable weight loss
* managing stress
* dealing with emotional reactions
*indentifying nutrition hype (there’s a LOT out there!)
* eating delicious, healthy, satisfying foods that ground you in your body and empower you to follow it’s directives (perhaps for the first time ever!)
* cultivating a spirituality that is deeply grounded in your body

all informed by science and committed to integrative health and well-being!

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Julian will be interviewing Erika Herman, Nutritionist, Holistic Health Expert, Yogi and Bestselling Author of Eat Like A Fatass, Look Like a Goddess 

Eat all the taboo foods you’ve been told will make you a fatass and kill you.

Eat them as if your waist, life, and the planet’s health depend on it–-because they do.

What if everything you think you know about health isn’t true?

Nutritionist, “heretic,” Holistic Health Expert, long-time yogi, and bestselling author of EAT LIKE A FATASS, LOOK LIKE A GODDESS: THE UNTOLD STORY OF HEALTHY FOODS, Erika Herman cuts through countless popular myths about nutrition, weight loss, disease-prevention, sustainability and planetary health with razor-sharp wit, hardcore research, and a whole lot of heart.

tadasana picture

Leader in mind-body integrative practices, Julian Walker , Julian just participated in Erika’s 28-DAY GODDESS LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION (as an honorary “goddess” or Hercules!)

To the left is a “before” photo, and on the right is the “after” photo, taken 17 lbs later: bird 1 sarit


As with yoga practice, Erika believes we can cultivate skillfulness, self-awareness, and liberation from suffering through our food choices.

Erika’s work demonstrates how even seemingly “progressive” dietary trends encourage a mistrust of, and even an inability to discern the body’s innate wisdom and directives.

Julian’s work is similarly focused on reconnection with the wisdom of the body and psyche, and using mind-body practices to be more at home in ourselves, balance the nervous system and be in touch with our emotional intelligence. He debunks outdated forms of spirituality that reject our bodies, feelings and desires, in favor of a more integrative sense of the sacred.

Erika’s personal journey, research, and work with clients over the years, have made her aware of our near-epidemic disconnect from the source of our food. This disconnect now has many of us excessively eating supposedly “healthy” foods that have specific distorting effects on the human body and brain, namely the inability to discern craving from need.

Join us for this provocative, information-rich, growing edge meeting of the minds. Bring your curiosity, your hunger for knowledge and your desire to break through current limitations into greater health, balance and aliveness!

SIGN UP NOWSpace is Limited!


* In celebration of Julian’s & Erika’s 4/29 event, we’re giving away 10 FREE copies of the Audible version of Erika’s bestseller, EAT LIKE A FATASS, LOOK LIKE A GODDESS: THE UNTOLD STORY OF HEALTHY FOODS(MSRP $19.95). Everyone registered for the call is entered to win. Winners will be announced on the call.


Erika Herman is a board-certified Nutritionist, Holistic Health Expert, and bestselling author of the provocative incisively-researched, EAT LIKE A FATASS, LOOK LIKE A GODDESS: THE UNTOLD STORY OF HEALTHY FOODS, and creator of THE 28-DAY GODDESS LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION program. Erika empowers people to sustainably lose and maintain weight, prevent disease, feel vitalized and satisfied by guiding them to think critically so they can ditch BS-diet-bandwagons and eat the satiating taboo foods their bodies need.
Erika HermanErika debunks hype and misinformation with hardcore evidence-based research at every turn because she loves it as much as she loves food. Erika and her work have been featured in the likes of Redbook, Yahoo!, Natural News, SheKnows, SkinnyMom, Babble, Veria Living, The Daily Meal, Beauty High, Elephant Journal, Mamavation and Intent. Learn more about Erika, her book, and program here.



Julian Walker is a leader in the field of yoga, meditation, bodywork and teacher training. He has been teaching since 1994 and currently specializes in the relationships between brain research, body-based psychology, yoga and meditation. He is the author of the books Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind  and Devil In The Detailsas well as the Radical Transformation audio program, and runs a busy yoga and bodywork practice in Santa Monica, California. He has written articles for Intent, Elephant Journal, Yogis Anonymous, Integral World and Rense. Julian’s website is janet pic