Yoga Mat Massage

Yoga Mat Massage
Saturday April 12
2 – 5 pm
Santa Monica Yoga
1640 Ocean Pk Blvd

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Have you been told you have good hands, but never learned any massage techniques?

Are you a new or experienced yoga teacher feeling the desire to use your hands more in class?

Are you a massage therapist who wants to gather more tools?

Did you just complete teacher training, and are you hungry for more knowledge and experience?

The yoga mat is the meeting place of mind and body, psyche and soma, structure and function. As teachers, the more we are able to support and facilitate explorations of embodied experience, healing, relief and deepening awareness, the more we can be of genuine service to our students.

Yoga Teachers who want more tools for private and group classes —this is for you! 

Students who just want to explore hands-on work for the first time will find this an accessible, safe and information rich way to get started. Join us!

Massage Therapists interested in yoga and in learning some great new techniques —please come and play!

This workshop will teach you short and highly effective hands-on sequences from my Open Sky Bodywork systemAll of the work will be fully clothed and take place on yoga mats.

This 3 hour afternoon session will serve for some as an introduction to my longer 2-day, 16 hour Touch, Energy & Healing workshop to be scheduled later in the year.

I have been a yoga teacher and bodyworker for almost 20 years, combining tools and techniques from both and creating my own approach which has me booked 5 to 6 months in advance at the moment for my private sessions.

One of the unique features of my group classes is the ability to address specific tension patterns, structural imbalances or pain syndromes in the moment as part of how I learn to support regular students in their body awareness, healing and personal growth process.

By the end of the afternoon, you will have:

* Become more comfortable with “going hands-on.”
* Practiced techniques for the neck, low back and hamstrings.
* Explored a grounded and potent model of “energetic unwinding” in the physical structure of the body.

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