In the last few weeks, I have found myself repeating this idea that is central to everything I share with yoga, dance, meditation and bodywork:

Whatever the practice is, think of it as a doorway beneath the surface, into the unknown…

In psychological terms, we are talking about the unconscious —the mysterious domain of the deep self, from which dreams, mythology, poetry, inspiration and creative revelation emerge.underwater dance woman 2

Beneath the ego-defenses, the conditioned habit patterns, the masks we wear, the lies we have been told, lives this luminous, vulnerable, empowering, rich and soulful core.

When we enter flow states, by creating safe and sacred spaces, suspending dogma and control, opening to the process unfolding in the moment, and being-with our experience with non-judging curiosity and kindness, the ordinary magic starts to reveal the treasure within…

This always requires some discipline. Maintaining an engaged relationship with inquiry, self-awareness, and the rich possibilities of growth, healing and alchemical transformation runs counter to so many of our tendencies to shut down, disconnect, go on autopilot and engage in pleasing patterns of self-deception.

Here’s 14th century Indian poet Kabir:

The music of the inner life
is always playing
Whether you are listening or not

Where else can you find a melody like this?
It tells us the truth.