As part of the Dance Community Consent Guidelines Project, I have created this flowchart, that is especially good for those new to the practice as a quick introduction!

After surveying 43 women with 7 questions —I have been compiling the data into a new document which will go into more detail than the chart, but this is a good starting point toward creating and nurturing sacred space with healthy boundaries that feels inclusive, consensual, mindful, and fosters freedom, playfulness, healing, growth and the entering of shared ecstatic flow states.

I am delighted that a few different dance communities have already reached out to ask if they can use this chart as part of how they welcome participants! Please feel free to share this post anywhere you like, and to copy, save, print and post the chart anywhere you like if it feels useful to you…. My intention is to have it be a unifying document across different spaces, cities, methods and communities! 🙂 While I know others have done deep and multi-faceted work around this topic, if this offering is at all useful in fostering the kinds of spaces I know we all value, I am honored. The chart is deliberately gender neutral, as all people deserve respect, compassion, and freedom to be themselves in sacred space!