After having discovered your Ritual of Entry, and arrived in the Holy Moment of Embodied Presence with Permission to Explore, the next phase is about building energy.
The Build is usually from about 20 minutes in until around 50 minutes into any Dance Tribe session.
Let yourself take the ride as the number of people in the room, the tempo and volume of the music, and your own connection to fluid, expressive, playful movement deepens and grows.
Explore different ways of relating to the floor, different places to be in the room, as the masterful Vinn Arjuna Marti says “let every direction be the front” as you spiral around your own center and let your body intelligence arrive in the shared experience of ever changing movement patterns swirling around one another…. So beautiful.
As ritual dance pioneer Gabriel Roth says “the quickest way out of your head is into your body—slow down your mind, come to your senses, invite your heart into the room, honor the feelings, archetypes, and animal energies that may show up in the shapes, gestures, sounds, and movements of your being.
We are headed toward the First Peak, but there is no rush! Pause when you need to, hold a shape, listen for further instructions from within, bear witness to the energy unfolding in the space. We are here, together, now —this is the only journey I am on, this is my sanctuary, my tribe, my practice.
Wake up into finding yourself where you are and inviting the always already available alchemy of breath, movement, awareness, and energy, in the context of self and community.
See you Every Tuesday & Thursday
7:30 – 9:30 pm (get there when you can)
Church in Ocean Park (235 Hill Street, Santa Monica)
$15 at the door (cash best, Checks OK)