We started in the mood of Reflection, slowly entering the space, tuning in, enacting a personal Ritual of Entry, and then exploring movement together in The Build, through the growing energy, tempo, volume and fluidity —no agenda, judgment, or choreography required…

Now, at just before an hour into the experience, we arrive at The First Peak.

Just the way it sounds, this is a high point:

Ecstatic, expressive, high energy. The Peak is expansive, liberating, an opportunity to transcend fear, separation, self-consciousness, and let go into a shared moment of joy, fierceness, celebration, and aliveness!

We will approach a Second Peak later, via a similar but shorter journey through the sequence so far….

See here for previous explanations of the Reflection and Build phases of the journey..


See you Every Tuesday & Thursday
7:30 – 9:30 pm
 (get there when you can)
Church in Ocean Park (235 Hill Street, Santa Monica)
$15 at the door (cash best, Checks OK)

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