You may be wondering: What is Dance Tribe exactly? Is it just a fun dance party, is it a spiritual practice, is there choreography, is it based on a specific method or set of ideas?

Well, during an evening at Dance Tribe, we ride the wave together through two arcs designed to support an exploration of movement, body awareness, and self expression. You are entering a space simultaneously dedicated to the community ritual of shared movement, and to a kind of alchemical transformational process that is deeply inclusive of your experience. Typically there are moments of internal reflective solitude, wild group ecstasy, sexy soulfulness, and tender vulnerability, as we play together in the realm of rhythm, meaning, feeling and connection.

The journey is inspired by the shoulders of giants I stand upon —primal ancestors of our shared tribal roots, the later creators and exponents of methods like 5 Rhythms, Soul Motion, Ecstatic Dance, as well the great DJ’s all over the world who craft the sequence of songs that speak to our human needs, emotions, energies, aspirations, desires, struggles and potential, while utilizing the modern skill sets of beat matching, loop creation, key changes, audio effects, and more to keep the vibes cooking and the flavors on point!
If you are curious, here’s your map to the territory we cover:

Ritual of Entry

So: we go from 7:30 – 9:30, but get there when you canthe first 30 minutes is about slowing down, warming up, dropping in, finding center, activating body awareness and alchemical energy..
Expect meditative, acoustic, classical, tribal tracks that set the ritual tone and open your heart —and a brand new reflective altar-piece like this one by one of our three resident artists Jennifer Hart Biagiotti, at the front of the room!
Usually, the group is growing from about 10 or 15 to around 40 or 50 during this phase.. So if you like a lot of space, come early! 🙂 More on the Reflection flavor of the Ritual of Entry, Middle Valley and Closing, HERE.
The Build and The First Peak
8 pm to 8:30 is the build through world music, funk, trap, pop, and hip hop into an ecstatic peak tribal/house/electro swing/dance throw-down that hearkens back 20 years (with updated music) to our roots in the 5R model of the Chaos/Lyrical transition.. More on The Build HERE.
The Middle Valley
Expect 8:30 ish until 8:45 to be a dropped-in, meditative, returning to self and setting of intentions, moving in the slow stillness of shared luminosity.
The Second Wind and Closing
From around 8:45 or so, we build again (more quickly now and with a fun and fierce group unity) toward the second ecstatic peak, that usually culminates around 9:15 to drop us again into the chill-out/integration/meditative closing phase…
Expect delicious servings of inspired poetry in the down-tempo phases, designed to speak to your soul, bond the tribe, and enhance the alchemical process we are co-creating. Expect plenty of permission to rest, observe, move at your own pace, and choose to dance alone or with others as your flow dictates —no pressure, no ideology, no right or wrong experience: just respect, love, breath, movement, stillness, and community.
Every Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 – 9:30 pm (get there when you can)
Church in Ocean Park (235 Hill Str, Santa Monica)
Just $15 at the door (cash best, checks OK)