Dance Tribe Method, Part 4
The Middle Valley: reflection, liminality, transitional magic…

I love the concept of “liminality” —a transitional space, time or period in which transformation is occurring… In the liminal state we are half way through the ritual process, and there is a sense of wonder, disorientation, vulnerability, possibility, often insight and healing, and access to feelings, ideas, and knowledge that might ordinarily be hidden from our everyday awareness.

Liminality might be present at any time for you during the journey, depending on what’s going on for you, but at Dance Tribe we enter the zone of the liminal together right after the first peak, roughly an hour into the journey…

The idea behind the Dance Tribe method I have been creating and sharing, is to:

1) Come as you are, and arrive in permission to enter your authentic experience via whatever innately arising Ritual of Entry emerges.
2) As we Build discover and explore your present vocabulary of movement, breath, awareness and energy in the context of a shared sacred space
3) Arrive at a (First) Peak moment of expansive, ecstatic aliveness and liberation —and then to drop into the transitional, liminal space of The Middle Valley…

The music in this phase is selected based on its hypnotic, meditative, dreamy qualities… and this is where there may be poetry, as well as an invitation to drop in, to reflect. I may ask things like:

“How is the energy now?”
“Is there an intention, question, or choice arising for you?
“what matters to you right now? what calls you forward, what lifts you up, what asks for your love?”

I might invite you to come to your senses and notice what’s present right now: colors, images, sensations, feelings…

After the expressive, high energy catharsis of the First Peak, there is an open undefended availability to the deeper energies of psyche, community, and cosmos.

The Middle Valley continues through usually a 5 to 10 minute deeply meditative period into a transitional 5 to 10 minute piece that will have some kind of hypnotic rhythm chosen for its potential to unify the tribe in a gradual and dreamy effortless circulating of the shared energy of transformation as we begin the ascent toward our Second Peak…

As the space-holder, I know the alchemy is really working when the transitional phase of The Middle Valley culminates in the tribe spontaneously beginning to weave through the room playfully, connecting, moving fluidly, feeling the possibilities, held in the embrace of mutual support, love and sacred space.

Come experience the journey tonight at Dance Tribe! This is the culmination of my own deep fascination with mind-body practice, psycho-spiritual ritual space, and embodied transformational experience…

Every Tuesday & Thursday
Church in Ocean Park (235 Hill Str., Santa Monica)
7:30 – 9:30 (come and go in your own timing)
$15 at the door (cash best, checks OK)