Today on Facebook, someone asked me such an honest and vulnerable question:

“I really want to come to Dance Tribe, but what if I am too shy to dance?!”

I know that when I first was invited to free-from dance events, it sounded great to me, but took about 6 months to get over my fear and actually show up! When I did, I wondered what had taken me so long and went every week for the next 14 years!

Here’s what I learned that very first time:

There is no pressure to participate in any particular way..

At Dance Tribe you will see people sitting in meditation, watching while resting with their backs against the wall, lying on the floor, stretching, and/or exploring movement in so many different ways. No choreography, no agenda, no judgment. You will see friends hugging, dancing together, laughing, weeping, or singing out loud..

The underlying attitude is one of mutual respect, compassion, and support in being yourself.

Shyness is beautiful. It is an entirely natural response to entering a new situation in which spontaneity and self-expression are invited…

What if I do it wrong?
What if I look silly?
What if everyone knows each-other and I am the odd one out?

These types of fears are built into what it is to be a social creature —and you probably remember them from your first day at school, or trying any new activity. We all feel this way at times..

So: Be Yourself!

Be shy, be playful, acknowledge the vulnerability –and here’s the rub: That’s the practice…. Right there! Being mindfully, compassionately curious about your experience, your fears, projections, needs, aspirations and emotions…

Come as you are, work with what is, swim the waters of self-exploration in community with us —the water is wonderful!

I shot this very short video to help shift the understandable first impression that Dance Tribe is just a wild dance party —it is true we have a lot of fun and there are high energy moments, but this is an example of one way into embodied experience and exploration that I use as part of this awareness practice

You’ll see me swimming through the air as I roll on the floor, warming up my joints and easing into immersion in the healing, sublime, and nourishing engagement with the living moment.