People new to DANCE TRIBE, especially from my yoga community, often think it is just a wild, fun dance party —it is a bit of a leap to see it as also being an awareness practice…

Perhaps this is because of the lack of formal technique. With endless options and possibilities to choose from, free-form movement can seem like a kind of random self-expression..

Wild dance parties are great, but that is just one aspect of what we make possible in the shared sanctuary of barefoot, intentional sacred space.

So I wanted to share a little video snippet of how I enter into mindful movement and embodiment in this context.

What you will see is me exploring movement on my living room floor, in relationship to gravity. Kinda swimming through the air around me as my joints express different ranges of motion.

The experience feels a bit womb-like: dreamy, fluid, nourishing, healing..

The video is not intended to impress, or to be a definitive statement on any method or technique —I am merely hoping to inspire your own curiosity about how the tools of mindful embodied awareness, breath, and tapping into your own energy flow, can translate across practices in ways that open up new landscapes!

For many years, I went to dance events early, when there was plenty of space so i could explore these kinds of warm up routines that for me live at the edge where yoga and dance meet:

Body awareness, movement, unwinding tension, liberating energy, and discovering a healing immersion in the living moment…

Come Play, discover the “yoga” of liberated mind-body awareness, self expression..

Find a little space on the floor, maybe start with familiar yoga poses, and then see what happens!