ecstatic dance1) We explore movement and breath as doorways into the journey beneath the surface. This is less about how it looks than about how it feels.

2) Dance is innate to who and what we are —it requires no choreography, method or ideology, just an open-ness to the moment. Tune in to how your body wants to move, now and now and now…

3) Healing, insight, connection, meaning, release, liberation, catharsis, ecstasy and love all arise naturally and inevitably when we show up, let go, move and breathe. Embrace the process without judgment or agenda.

4) Because what we do together is unique, precious, and meaningful, we co-create sacred space with a shared intention to be respectful, mindful, and loving.

Dance Tribe weaves an inclusive container that holds the playful, vulnerable, fierce, poignant, profound, sexy, silly, sacred, ordinary magic of our humanity.

Shadow and light, struggle and grace, tension and release, grief and joy —all dance together through their rhythmic cycles of transition. Come as you are and keep it real.

The journey will take you through two arcs of experience, with meditative moments in the beginning, middle and end, two peaks and a lot of soulful fun in between… Stay with it!

You are encouraged to be in the room for the whole experience —but are absolutely free to come and go as your schedule and energy levels require.

All the details are the same for both nights and venues:

* 7:30 – 9:30 pm (late-comers welcome, park in the neighborhood or in local lots —don’t be afraid of walking a little. it will warm you up!)
* $15 at the door, cash heavily preferred —but checks are ok if you must wink emoticon
* Barefoot, some specifically dance shoes allowed that keep your feet happy and your fellow dancer’s feet safe!
* Playful, respectful, sexy sacred space.
* A journey into the mysteries of rhythm, movement, breath, community and the alchemical process of opening to your inner life…

More Info:

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