Every single time I ever hold space —whether it is for yoga, dance or meditation, chances are good you are going to hear some version of this personal mantra:

This is my one precious body.
This is the only journey I am on,
These are my challenges and gifts,
This is what feels good right now,
This is what my heart is yearning for,
This is where my breath needs to go….

I always want to invite everyone into the room exactly as they are. I always want to share tools and practices that allow for authenticity, provide benefit and create opportunities for healing and growth.

For me the statment that this is the only journey I am on means that I can honor and be present with whatever happens to be true as I pay attention to my inner world.

It means that when I am stressed or scared or hurting, that resisting, denying or pretending is not only unnecessary, it is a rejection of the journey, and therefore the missing of an opportunity for honesty, self-love, and meeting my life as it is.

It means that when I feel powerful, alive, compassionate, ecstatic and free that this too can be celebrated and enjoyed without judgment…

Simple, but powerful —and easy to overlook with all of the distractions, expectations, marketing, and often quite unrealistic idealization that are part of the “spiritual marketplace.”

So, say it with me now if it resonates:

This is the only journey I am on.

Whatever is true today. However your body, mind and heart are doing. Whichever challenges or gifts may be front and center.

This is the only journey I am on.

Say it if you’re freaking out about money or your heart is broken.

This is the only journey I am on.

Say it if your back is out or your neck is tight today.

This is the only journey I am on.

Say it if you are pleasantly in the zone and feeling right on track in your life.

This is the only journey I am on.

See you soon on our shared, intersecting, sacred journeys.

All the best,