Radical Transformation: Your Growing Edge Chakra Yoga Course

Chakra yoga is a must for anyone interested in the next level of mind-body growth, healing and transformation!

This is an in-depth course using yoga and the chakra system as a way to transform your relationship to key areas of your life. It is an audio version of a ground-breaking 12 hour workshop series I have taught around the world since the year 2000.

Radical Transformation features 4 live recorded lectures that cover spirituality, psychology and mind-body anatomy. The lectures address grounding, sexuality, personal power, compassion, creativity, truth, vision and expanded awareness.

 The program then pairs each lecture with a chakra yoga practice designed to explore each set of mind-body themes in a powerful experiential way! (click here to see descriptions of each lecture/practice pairing.)

The combination of ancient and modern, spiritual and psychological, mental and physical, educational and experiential content in this program makes it absolutely unique and deeply effective.


There are 3 Options to purchase Radical Transformation:

Deluxe: This beautifully packaged 8 CD set gives you the entire program plus a chart insert.Deluxe

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Complete: You can download the entire no-frills program right now and have it live on your desktop to go through at your own pace any time!complete

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Segments: We also offer Radical Transformation in 4 downloadable segments so that you can complete each one for $19 and then come back for more when you are ready. Session-1

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“This workshop not only opened my eyes to the emotional system in the body, it teaches the sequencing involved to align and balance through yoga poses. The chakra system is such an insight to what’s happening in our bodies and this program helps map it all out. It’s a very grounded approach and you feel as you attended in person. Julian Walker has been a big influence in my yoga practice and this is a great extension of my path to self awareness as a yogi and a teacher . This workshop has become part of my regular practice.”
-Frank Meyerhoffer, certified yoga instructor, hair stylist


“Julian’s Radical Transformation process feels like a primal awakening, like something deep inside of myself is being awakened…something so deep that it’s yet un-bastardized by the outside world. It’s the purest part of my soul, bubbling up to warm me from the inside out. Julian creates a place of true safety, just on the edge of dissonance, which encourages exploration and growth.”
Tobi Sondgroth Becerra E-RYT 500, Senior Yoga Teacher Trainer, Cloud Nine Yoga


“This program makes me feel like I’m in the room with Julian.
The audio is clear, easy to follow and goes deep into a transformative practice.”

-Stella Tyron, yoga teacher trainer, actor, artist

“Now that I am living in Ohio, Julian’s audio program is a daily reminder for me of one of my favorite aspects of yoga; the chakras. I feel as if I’m back in the studio with Julian every time I listen to them.
I finish my practice feeling completely aligned, and totally in tune with my body.
My yoga practice would not be the same without this amazing program that Julian has created!”

-Kiley Kraft, yoga instructor

“This workshop series helped me open and become aware of what is going on inside me, accept it and continue healing. With his amazing knowledge of the human brain and body, Julian guided me in my transformation, holding sacred space with compassionate presence.”
-Doreen Chiha Maalouf, yoga instructor, mother