Dance Tribe In Santa Monica

Tuesdays 7:30 pm

For the time being Dance Tribe is happening only via live stream

using Zoom for video and Mixlr for audio.

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"I have been to other ecstatic dance experiences before in different parts of the country. What makes Julian’s experiences different, in my opinion, is his many years of teaching yoga, being an energy healer and being a musician. He guides dancers and yogis as a shaman would – engaging all of our senses.

His musical selection and intuition on what to play when – is otherworldly. The whole dance is a healing work that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know you’ve changed and you’ll never be the same. The people that Julian attracts are also a unique breed of kind, spiritual and creative individuals who contribute to the atmosphere creating a vortex for healing and change. What a gift to LA spiritual community!”
~Vera Ostrova 

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” I woke up this morning with a calling to dance tonight! What a delicious calling it was….a calling I listened to all day! I am not much of a night dancer…as I love my mornings with all my energy! But tonight….my heart wide open, dancing, flying high from some place deeply happy and satisfied within and by just being in the room with the people around me. 

And then the surge of tribal sexiness that rolled, drummed and thrusted out of me, my body sweating, being taken away by each beat, by each rhythm…pounding out of each pore of my body….my hips grooving, grinding and swinging to the flow of my heart…..which was listening deeply to the soul tapping tunes coming from the speakers!

Sweat flying off my body…my body singing, my voice singing loud and clear and my dances with others….were by far the most sexy, fun, playful, sensual and divine I’ve experienced in some weeks!

Thank you….for all you bring to me dance, the music….my tribe….I bow to you and I am ever so grateful to have connected with all of you on and off the dance floor afterward. I feel filled!

Thank you Julian, for the fabulous mix tonight….touched something so deep within! I am very grateful!” ~Heather Rhea Dawn

But... What Even IS Dance Tribe?! 😉

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* It’s not just a dance party —but you will have fun.
* It’s also not about choreography —but an invitation to find YOUR authentic movement expression.
* It’s not about pushing hard to burn calories —but damn if it ain’t a good workout!
* It’s not about any particular belief system —but the experience will open you up to a sense of embodiment, connection, meaning, feeling, symbolism, insight and healing like nothing else I know…

Dance Tribe is a most delicious combination of sacred space and playful, fierce, authentic self-expression in community.

For me, its a dream come true —and this community has been growing and connecting and supporting one another in empowerment, healing, growth and all-around badassery since 2014 now!

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You may ask: Well —how is this different than just going to a nightclub?

The first word that comes to mind is intention. The second is respect.

The way our community values the practice of ecstatic dance means that you are much freer to explore and express yourself than you would be in a nightclub. It’s less self-conscious, less about image, the dance is more authentic, and there are no leering spectators on the hunt. No alcohol, no pick up scene, no ego-posturing, no high heels or hard leather shoes, no competition…

It’s a barefoot, comfy clothes, all for one and one for all, you do your thing and I’ll do mine vibe, with the intention of really exploring the power of dance to heal, balance and liberate each of us personally and to connect us to a sense of tribal belonging and affirmation.

Are you ready for an adventure?

I’ll see you Tuesday nights!

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