Dance Tribe Alive!

**DANCING FRIENDS, Please Note: I am going to postpone for the moment during this heat wave… stay tuned —but we won’t meet online this Tuesday the 25th. Stay safe and sane and loved, ~Julian

Dance Tribe is live-streaming once a month for now!
Mark your calendar for August 25th
7:30 to 9 pm PST
Suggested Quarantine Donation: $15, pay less if needed and more if you can!

For these live streams, I am doing Dance Tribe as a suggested donation of $15.

if you would like to support even more, please feel free to donate $20, or consider a recurring monthly donation of $60. (My family thanks you!)

If you need to dance and are really hurting financially in this crisis time, know that you can join for anywhere from $10 down to zero.

1) Donate above.
2) If you don’t have it yet, get the Mixlr app, or go to in your browser —whichever way you want to stream the music to good speakers or headphones.Enter Julian Marc Walker in the search window to find my profile. Live DJing music will be there from around 7:15 onwards.
3) Join the Zoom Meeting: This is the Zoom link!

You will need to listen in separately to the live streaming DJ set on Mixlr at the same time —just grab that FREE app and search for Julian Marc Walker there (when you find me the sound will automatically start any time after 7:20; its super easy)  and I suggest having the device you use connected to some nice big speakers! (But it will still sound good if you don’t..)

*** IMPORTANT for ZOOM: PLEASE make sure you mute your microphone. it will be a little icon usually right next to the camera icon that looks like an old-timey microphone, and when muted it is RED —that’s what we want! When your mic is on it will pick up the sound of the music in your room and play it back to the rest of us with of course a slight delay… not good 😉

You can elect not to use Zoom for video, although
* getting to see me DJing live and
* using the “gallery” view (the icon looks like a group of squares) to see your fellow dancers can be a wonderful portal into the experience….
* If you see friends, you can also say hi in the chat window, and even share a dance together by selecting each other’s cameras.

Movement is medicine, Music is Magic, Breath is Alchemy, and Community is Sanctuary. Come home to your one precious body as we get some energy moving and tap into aliveness, love, hope and healing together!





Here’s a video showing you EXACTLY how to use Zoom and Mixlr at the same time! (You can also do this on one computer, with two different browser tabs for Zoom and —but that won’t work on a single phone or tablet.)

Bear in mind: on your end the sound volume and quality is going to be hugely dependent on having real speakers attached by cables or bluetooth to whatever you’re using for Mixlr!)

Your donation above is appreciated!