Everyday Enlightenment

 Meditation —you know its so good for you, but…

Even with all of the media attention given to the ever growing body of research showing the benefits of regular mediation, many people find themselves bored, confused or intimidated, or just not sure where to start.
Whether you are brand new, a lapsed meditator, or have a consistent practice, Julian’s approach to integrating familiar and new yoga postures, breath, poetry, brain science, and a deep understanding of how to quickly access and experience the benefits of the key meditation techniques from the Buddhist and Yogic repertoire will be a gift that keeps on giving!

Have you always wanted to meditate but felt intimidated or frustrated when you’ve tried?

 Are you intrigued by new advances in a modern understanding of how meditation trains the brain and makes us more focused, loving, resilient and creative?

 Do you want to feel more at home in your body, free from old emotional reactions, able to handle stress better, and empowered by mental focus and inner peace?

I am delighted to announce:

Everyday Enlightenment PLUS: 5 Simple Keys to Clarity, Compassion and Mind-Body Healing
Sunday January 27
2 – 5 pm
Santa Monica Yoga
1640 Ocean Pk Blvd
$60 on the day
$50 in advance —SIGN UP NOW!


Los Angeles

Accomplished teacher, speaker and author Julian Walker gives warm and expert guidance on creating a sustainable and highly effective meditation practice. This practical and accessible course will lead you step by step through 5 meditation techniques to “change your brain, change your life.” Expect to  pause between techniques to stretch, breathe and keep our bodies open and receptive.

As an additional BONUS – when you sign up  you’ll get access to a *new* free download of the chapter on meditation, neuroscience and somatic psychology from my book, Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind.

You’ll learn how to cultivate:

Clarity of focus
* Compassionate loving kindness
* Skillful stress management
* Emotional balance
* Being at home in your body
* States of self healing and insight
* The liberated freedom of “open sky mind”

You will learn and practice the following meditation techniques:

* Concentration Meditation
* Loving Kindness Meditation
* Love, Surrender, Peace, Forgiveness (a powerful and effective technique I developed for emotional balance and healing)
* Vipassana (Body Awareness) Meditation
* Open Sky Mind 

Discussion, sharing and Q&A, along with journalling exercises will make this experience rich and impactful and we will explore ways to apply these brain training techniques to real life issues, problems, goals and aspirations!

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life – sign up now!