The Flow State Retreat

with Julian Walker

We are just getting back up and running post-pandemic. No retreats currently scheduled. Join the list below so you'll be first to know when we can resume 🙂

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The location is beautiful, close to LA, but private... Watch the video to get a sense of what this uniquely beneficial retreat experience is all about!

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gina head

Julian’s work has given me access to thriving as a way of life. I have been going on retreat with him since 2006.  His transformational work is deep, integrative, fun, life changing and empowering.  The retreat space is set in some of the most beautiful nature in California, the food and accommodations are excellent!  His classes are choreographed and nuanced with poetry and music that opens me and, his cues are accurate and gentle.  I always feel safe in his retreat space to explore my edges, and my most significant breakthroughs in life happened while on retreat with Julian.  Don’t pass up the opportunity.  You will upgrade your life and make life long friends while connecting deeply to your soul.


erin head

"Self care" is a hot topic in our modern world, but to truly re-connect with yourself, it's essential to take a step beyond an hourlong massage or a green smoothie. Julian's carefully constructed retreats are exactly that: a "retreat" from daily life and into a safe space where you can dive deeply into your relationship with yourself, perhaps exposing old wounds within the safety of community and somatic healing, perhaps challenging yourself to push past your edges of comfortable habits in order to promote true inner growth. Yes, the food and the accommodations will be lovely, but what Julian provides (music, poetry, thoughtful yoga, meditation, dance, community) is unlike anything else in the "yoga retreat" arena. This isn't just a nice weekend away with a little yoga thrown in. This is transformational soul work.


Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 2.32.50 PM

"I’ve been attending retreat with Julian for half of a decade. It serves as a grounding constant in my life where I have an all access pass to channel my true feelings while feeling validated and heard; even in silence. Retreat has taught me life lessons that it takes some years to internalize and has opened me up to a community that has acted as an anchor to me since I walked through the door. Every time I arrive I am thankful; but I leave feeling grateful and spiritually energized. I am eternally grateful for the true magic that happens there."

gillian head

"I am a repeat retreat participant, and love every instance for different reasons, but the through-line of them all is the structure Julian provides. I am free to explore the beauty of the physical location and work with whatever shows up in practice because all of the details have been thoughtfully tended."

lisa head

For the past 15 years, my most cherished time is that which I spend at Julian’s annual yoga retreat.
It is complete bliss. The setting is peaceful and magical, quiet and infused with a spiritual quality and the beauty of nature. Julian has created a deep, introspective, exquisite experience for us, beautifully flowing with a mixture of soulful music, moving poetry, meditation and yoga. Julian’s yoga is completely unique~ every minute reflects his long time study of the body, the breath and the mindful connection to both. Our meals are lovingly prepared for us morning, afternoon and evening. The scent of organic and freshly grown food wafts throughout the cozy venue each day. I feel happiest, most  connected, totally free, joy-filled and accepted here. Never want to leave to return home when retreat ends. Julian shares his gifts of creating this lovely arena for us to be our most authentic selves  and it’s transformed my life in many wonderful ways over the years.


brian head

"Its a completely unique experience.  Gorgeous property, the catering is amazing, the community is really grounded, and the music is awesome.  Between hanging at the pool and napping, you might even do some yoga with Julian. "

mary head rotated

Julian’s retreats are AMAZING. I have been to 3 retreats and each time I have felt so supported throughout the whole time. You can join in on everything or you can join in on whatever feels right for you. The space that is held is always judgement free, warm, and loving. The food is scrumptious and the chef’s are always helpful and attentive to whatever your food issues may be. It’s a magical experience!!!


Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 12.42.15 PM

As a man who has been on several of Julian's retreats, I thought I might offer some encouraging tips for The Yoga
Challenged Husband/Life Partner. While these tips have men in mind, we think they really speak to
folks of all genders and orientations with yoga enthusiast partners/friends.
IT’S NOT A COMPETITIVE SPORT - You don’t need the flexibility of Houdini, the moves of Kobe
Bryant or the grace of Mikhail Baryshnikov. Come as you are. Wear your old sweats. Everyone will
accept you. Just show up. No one will judge you. There are no pre-requisites except some present
attention and will to try.
I DON’T KNOW MUCH (OR ANYTHING) ABOUT YOGA – Of course not. That’s why you’re
coming on retreat. Hang in there, you’ll get it. And you can start by coming to class in Santa Monica
IT’S NOT CULT OR A RELIGION – It’s a body/mind practice with many proven physical and
mental beneficial effects. It’s good exercise, will enhance your flexibility and may open a path to a
calmer mind.  It’s also fun and dynamic —we work-out to music.. Along with beginner’s mind, bring your sense of
GET OVER YOUR HILL – Hear the silence. Breathe. Turn off the iPhone. Touch Earth. Give. Have
a Jacuzzi. See Heaven. Receive. Think your own thoughts. Let it go. Breathe.
I WILL FOLLOW – Have you noticed lately your wife/life partner is a radiant goddess, toned, bright-
eyed, strong and graceful? She’s doing the work. Kiss her you fool, then clear your calendar for a
couple of days, book two spots at the Spring Retreat, and channel your inner Apollo.