New Year’s Eve Dance Tribe Celebration & Ritual!


7:30 pm  —  12 Midnight (arrive and leave anytime)
Sunday December 31st One Night Only!
Church In Ocean Park 235 Hill Str, Santa Monica
$25 at the door (Cash Best, Checks OK)


Pre-Sale CLOSED —pay at the door please!






This is a community dance celebration and ritual.
ALL Shoes off At the Top of the Stairs (except for dance shoes you absolutely need for the health of your feet —they must have never been worn on the street please!)
Wear Comfortable Clothing You Can MOVE In!
A Water Bottle & Snack to keep you going if you are planning to stay for hours is a good idea!
A Small Towel can be nice to have..

What you do outside of the space is up to you, but please NO alcohol or smoke inside or in the doorway of the church.

As with other DANCE TRIBE events, there will be periods of full-on, powerful and loud thumping dance music, as well as periods of more meditative, ambient sounds, singer-songwriter tracks, hip hop, glitch, pop, funk, house, world and tribal music.

Expect a full spectrum experience in which you’ll be invited into REALLY being present in your body, exploring movement, entering a non-verbal experience (sing, laugh, cry, sigh, howl at the moon, whisper if you must, but keep talking to a minimum…) of liberated playful, sexy, fierce, soulful self-expression.

TAKE THE RIDE for however long you are with us! Reflect on the year, peel back layers, bring your heart into the room, respect everyone, get in touch with what you really want, what “calls you forward from just beyond the horizon to become who you already are but do not know it yet,” what connects you to “the water of new life” arriving through an as yet unknown passageway…

You can:

  • Come for an hour or two
  • Come and go as you choose with your hand stamp
  • Come before or after your party
  • Arrive in time for the final high energy peak starting around 11:15 pm.
  • Be there for the closing meditation and ritual as we collectively turn to face 2018