Valentine’s Partner Yoga & Massage PLAYshop

partner meditationWould you like to feel more connected to your partner?

Would you like to have some fun exploring ways to nurture and care for one another?

My partner yoga and massage workshop will give you a three-hour experience of partner stretching, feel-good massage techniques, and ways to invite one another into a shared experience of embodied awareness, energetic aliveness and open-ness to pleasure, love and connection.partner play


This workshop is NOT about acrobatics, doing “advanced” poses or pushing each other beyond any limits…

It is primarily about connection, about exploring mutual support, deep breath, and a loving attitude that can translate from the yoga mat to the bedroom to how you communicate in the tight and tricky moments and find compassionate affection for one another.

“Massage Opportunities” present themselves in-between (and sometimes during) shared poses in which your hand just happens to be conveniently close to a foot, shoulder, forearm or thigh… 🙂

Close friends, lovers, spouses, and couples of all sexual and gender orientations are most welcome.

Partner Yoga WIDE

Valentine’s Partner Yoga & Massage
Sunday February 10th
2 – 5 pm
Santa Monica Yoga
$65 per person on the day ($110 per couple until February 4th)

Space is limited – so, Sign up now!