Open Sky Bodywork

Because your mind lives in your body...

"When I worked with Julian, I experienced healing I had previously thought impossible for me.

Each and every session transformed the way I experienced life in one way or another — whether it be a new sensation in my body, or a new hack to manage my triggers.

I was finally gifted understanding into the way my body holds onto trauma, along with tools to let that stuff go and create a present moment where I feel safe and grounded.

Julian remains one of the humans I trust most in this world.

I have since moved states and am onto another chapter of life, but still regularly return to the lessons I learned in these body work sessions.

Forever grateful for the impact this work has had on my healing journey."

~ Atlas


hands of light

Do you want to feel at home in your body and in touch with your emotional intelligence and energetic aliveness?

Are you struggling with a physical pain syndrome?

Are you ready for a mind-body approach to healing and resolving emotional issues?

Do you want to experience your “body electric?”


"Julian’s amazing capacity for empathy makes him a unique being. His knowledge of the human psyche and great intelligence separate him from other people! I have been working with Julian for several years. When I first started, I was fearful, anxious and closed up, refusing to face my fears, my past, and terrified of my traumas that were crippling me. 

Julian held the space for me to heal. He guided me with infinite patience, taught me to free myself from my past. In our work together, I never felt judged, I always felt I could open up and trust him blindly. He always showed me great compassion and empathy. I always felt held, protected and loved. I could honestly say that Julian saved my life. 
I am so lucky and grateful to have met him and had the chance to work with him. I am now a better person, a happier and healthier one. 
I recommend Julian’s work to anyone no matter what’s going on in their lives. "

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"To say Julian's work is transformational would be an understatement. It is nothing short of a gift. I started working with him as my marriage was unraveling. I had never heard of energetic or somatic body work and was desperate for a solution to my troubles. That first appointment turned into a journey spanning years. Julian is not only a skilled and powerful bodywork practitioner, he also holds impeccable space for your deepest, most tender emotions to come forth. For your body to take as many shapes—no matter how vulnerable or extreme—as it needs to in order to liberate itself from long held trauma, negative beliefs, and painful emotions. "
"I have had bodywork with Julian over the past 20 years.  Each session is always unique and manages to address exactly what I need to release at the moment.  He is uniquely skilled at intuitively releasing any old tensions, emotions, scar tissue that may be held in your body and every session has been as intense or relaxed as it needs to be depending on where my body is at the moment.  The amount of chi and energy that is released after every session I've had has been immensely powerful.  As I no longer live in the LA area, I try to see him whenever I am visiting and he was incredibly helpful during an extremely difficult period of my life when I was grieving the terminal illness and then death of my brother.  I can highly recommend his work to anyone who in interested in learning more about their own process, have old scar tissues or misalignments and want to be in safe and empathetic hands that will help you along your healing journey. "
Lauren, chef


There is a set of experiences that happens with Open Sky Bodywork that represents an authentic personal awakening on multiple levels:

Really experiencing your body as alive, intelligent, beautiful, and worthy of love.

Discovering how emotions are a bodily experience, and are held in the ways we tense up out of fear or shame.

Awakening to the extraordinary potential for ecstatic aliveness on the other side of those “energy blocks.”

Owning what I can only describe as a spiritual sense of mind/body integration, energy awareness and emotional liberation.



"Julian Walker’s mastery of bodywork is unparalleled in my experience. The arrows in his quiver of technique always hit the mark by clearing trauma, increasing aliveness and liberating you from the burden of existence fatigue and overwhelm. I am immensely grateful for his depth of knowledge and wisdom and insight. I first saw him after my emergency C-section with my son, and we cleared an enormous deposit of terror and pain that otherwise might have been trapped in my tissue indefinitely. Far, far beyond massage, tapping or other things I’ve tried, the openings that Julian knows how to create- in a safe and supportive environment- go deeper than any other bodywork or trauma release I’ve had. Inclusive of your whole self, emotion, energy and anatomy, this is a profound doorway to empathic integration. I simply cannot recommend Julian highly enough! He is a master healer. Go see him and experience the transformation for yourself."



In my over 20 years of practice I have had the honor of introducing many people to  the benefits of a deeper awareness of their mind-body relationship.

I have supported them through healing low back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder problems, digestive issues, difficulties conceiving, TMJD and other physical syndromes.

I also have had clients work through the painful emotions of break-up or divorce, death in the family, car accidents, sexual assault, and fear of expressing themselves, setting boundaries or asking for what they need.

Very often there turn out to be profound relationships between these unresolved emotions and what is happening in the body —this is just part of being human… But the unexpected piece is often how doing this deep inner work allows access to states of balance, relief and even an ecstatic experience of embodied liberation and profound self-acceptance.

Over the years I have worked with many psychotherapists, or those in training, as well as clients who have done many years of therapy themselves. This is a good fit, as deeply I value this discipline, and have educated myself quite deeply in multiple schools of psychology through my personal journey of healing and growth.

They always comment on how the “body-piece” —really getting into an experience of feeling their bodies and the deep release that comes from an integrated mind-body approach, is a revelation.



In a typical session, expect to engage in a compassionate, meditative conversation about current areas you’d like to work on in your life, and then to be guided into an experience of bodywork, breath, and music. There’s nothing quite like it.

I’ll look forward to being part of your journey!

(I also train yoga teachers and massage therapists in my bodywork techniques, as well as those who are just interested in learning and sharing in a phenomenal experience of the power of touch.)

"My work with Julian contributed significantly to my healing (and growing) process.  I've been doing Open Sky Bodywork with him for over 11 years. I started when I was going through an incredibly difficult time in my life as I navigated the loss of a parent, dealt with the end of a long term relationship and made a cross country relocation back to LA. It was a lot to bear. I knew I needed help to deal with so much change and loss. His vast knowledge of the relationships between our physical, emotional and spiritual being, the use of a variety of healing modalities, his knowledge and understanding of psychology, and his extraordinary listening and feedback skills not only helped me heal at a deep level, but it also helped me to love and accept myself in a way I had not known was possible. I felt heard and understood. My body was able to let go of physical pain related to all the many changes I was experiencing. To this day, my mind, body, and spirit are connected in a way I have never known before my work with him. This understanding continues to help me in my own work, relationships and my life in general. I see Julian when I am out of balance, off-track, dealing with body pain or feel disconnected with myself. I would recommend this work to anyone who relates, or is going through similar experiences, or is feeling a need to heal or work-out some ongoing emotional or physical issues."
"I was first introduced to Julian Walker as a yoga teacher  in the Fall of 2008. I was just about finished with my 200-hour yoga teacher training when I decided to go to Julian's "Yoga Church" one Sunday morning.
I had heard wonderful things. The room was packed. As class began, lovely music filled the speakers. I had no idea what to expect.
After the first few breaths, Julian graced me with the most gorgeous adjustment, gently pressing the backs of my shoulders into my mat.
Tears streamed down my face as electricity covered the fronts of my shins. Energized by this burst of emotion, it is still my favorite yoga experience. After class, I rushed to make my first appointment for bodywork.
Leading up to the date of my first session, I was nervous, having no idea what to expect. Once there, my nerves calmed. Julian is angelic, kind, and received me graciously.
The room was warm, with a massage table covered with soft, linen-looking sheets set up in the center of the dimly lit space. Julian gestured for me to sit on the couch and offered me some Yerba Mate milk tea, which I adore. He joined me and we started chatting.
I gave the disclaimer that there is a lot to my life story; a lot of drama is what I suppose I meant, and he listened intently. I told him about my parents: my absentee, drug addicted, biological father, my uber-controlling, but ultra-loving stepfather, my string of bad relationships, my sexual assaults, and my overabundance of injuries.
Then we began. Lovely, chanting music played as I lay down on the massage table. He encouraged me to let go of whatever emotions I was feeling, reminded me that I was safe there with him, asked me to be free with my body, and told me to talk to him openly if I should need to. I had the uncontrollable urge to laugh, and did so.
He worked on my neck, and I felt chills all over the fronts of my legs. He moved to each part of me, tapping and brushing the front of my body as a current of energy started to undulate through my system. He pressed on the high charge points of my throat and heart chakras, which were sore, but not in an overwhelming way.
He then made his way to my hip and root chakras. Holy release. For the next two hours, my body rippled wildly. I was in a completely altered state of consciousness, so ready to be release all of this old toxicity. It was as if he was an angel sent to purify me from my tainted history, from all the pain my body had been through.
Evidently, I was carrying a boatload of congestion in my hips and pelvis, which makes sense I suppose, since I broke my pelvis, had a horribly painful and complicated miscarriage, and I’ve been sexually assaulted… twice.
Julian was so empathetic, so nurturing, so calming, and so unbelievably right on time. We laughed, we shared quiet sarcasms, we hugged… it was the most non-threatening, intimate time I have ever had in my life.
I've had many more sessions over the course of the years with Julian, each time releasing a little bit more. He is absolutely gifted as a teacher, bodywork therapist, and human."