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Yoga Classes in Santa Monica, Ca.


My regular class schedule at Santa Monica Yoga, 1640 Ocean Pk blvd. is below. Here you will find an authentic and supportive community exploring my approach to yoga. Expect a pulsating soundtrack of world music, ambient electronica and soulful singer/songwriters, punctuated with poetry from around the world.

My yoga classes integrate deep stretch and flow yoga, and express a modern, tantric approach, infused with psychology, neuroscience and Buddhist meditation.

I also pride myself on sharing finely-tuned core stability work  —a key piece of a sustainable yoga practice that will supercharge your energy and take your fitness and body balance to the next level.

In addition to my unique approach to yoga, I also have two weekly Dance Tribe events that bring together an extraordinary community to explore free-form movement as a soulful, playful, sexy, fun and sacred modern practice!

Julian Walker Yoga | Santa Monica, CA


Here’s the thing though: we keep it real. Authentic. The motto is “come as you are” —and you will never hear me not say this at some point in a class.

The fact is that anytime you bring together a group of people, someone will be in love, someone will be heartbroken, someone will be feeling inspired, someone else disillusioned, someone will be in physical pain, someone else discovering a new sense of pleasure, compassion, gratitude or beauty.

In my classes someone is going to sigh with relief, someone is going to shed some tears, someone’s body may tremble as they let go of deeply held tension, someone is going to laugh, we all are going to breathe and sometimes sing, and feel the permission to be both reflected in the shared space and deeply at home in the intimacy of our own inner worlds. That’s yoga — Julian style.

The powerful and healing thing about practicing in community is that we get to take turns being at different places in the cycle of life’s inevitable transitions, challenges and victories. None of this is in the way, it IS the way….. Join us!







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North Studio, SMY

North Studio, SMY

North Studio, SMY

Santa Monica Yoga Teacher - Julian Walker


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