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NEW! Familiar class sequence themed around hope, courage and rising up.

rise up

NEW: Neck & Shoulder LOVE

Stress zone = Neck & Shoulders, right?

I thought it might be a good time to share some stretching, strengthening and even yummy self-massage for this area that tends to carry stress even in the best of times.

This 70-minute mini-workshop will give you quick tools you can use at your desk in-between Zoom meetings, as well as a full learning and exploratory experience, with a deeply relaxing savasana at the end. 

Buy once and use as often as you like until December 13!

NEW! See Information about the 40-Day Membership below..

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Hi! I am Julian Walker. I have been teaching yoga in LA for 25 years.

Under quarantine, I am now offering these home video classes. 

My style is a blend of deep stretch, core stability, flow and standing poses, with an emphasis on breath, embodied awareness, emotional intelligence and healing, and really getting in touch with the energy of your aliveness and capacity to access balance, peace, compassion and empowerment.

Thanks for considering welcoming me into your home.

See you on the mat,

low back clinic

The Low Back Clinic

An hour of of specific sequences designed to teach you practical tools you can use to support your low back health and mobility, core stability and hip and thigh functional integration.

This is a growing edge synthesis of yoga, the latest core/low back research of Dr. Stuart McGill, and techniques from my study of Functional Range Conditioning, a system in which I am a certified Mobility Specialist. 

(Pay once —use until current session expires on December 6th.)


rise up

NEW! Rise Up

This is my familiar sequence with poetry and music themed around courage, hope, and rising up. Enjoy! 84 minutes.

(*The new session of this class is open now until November 29 —pay once and take the class multiple times until then..)



This is a playful and strong, inspired class. Yake the ride!  74 minutes.

"Each body a lion of courage, and precious to the earth." Mary Oliver

(* This class is available until 12 noon on December 6 — Take the class as often as you like until then!)

midline magic

Midline Magic Masterclass


This is my familiar sequence, but with special emphasis on staying aware throughout the practice of engaging mindfully from the thighs, hips and abdominal muscles.

The firming/bracing action of hugging the midline is quite different to what you may have learned with regard to the traditional bandhas, and is based on integrating modern research.

This class is perfect if you want to jump right in and have a full practice, but also includes technical fine-tuning that may be really helpful if you ever feel too “loosey-goosey”, ungrounded or out of touch with your center.

This is an all-levels workshop includes an optional accompanying playlist to sync.

85 minutes.

After purchase, video is available for you to view multiple times until December 13th.

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I am here for you.

Expect a new class here replacing the oldest one every week or two —until then please enjoy the above classes as many times as you like.

Stay safe —this too shall pass..

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